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Manage workforce planning Assessment Task-

Assessment Task 1 -

This assessment consists of 4parts, all of which must be completed.

The instructions to complete this assessment are included on the following page. Follow the instructions with each question.

When you are confident that you have met all requirements for this assessment task, upload your file for marking.

Assessment Task 1: Regional Council Amalgamation

Scenario or background information

Read the hypothetical scenario detailed below and respond to the questions in Parts 1-4.

Scenario or background information

Councillors and executives from the Autumn Council (Local Government Area(referred to as 'LGA') of Autumn) and Spring Council (LGA Spring) recently finalised the terms of amalgamation between both councils. The amalgamation process was driven by demographic, geographic and resource factors to encourage efficiencies.  Prior to this time, the existence of cooperation and resource sharing arrangements between the councils confirmed the merits of amalgamation actively supported by ratepayers.

The amalgamated council will be known as the Summer Council in the LGA of Summer. The time frame for amalgamation is twelve (12) months with the necessary change management processes to workforce planning to occur over this period.

The Steering Committee advising the councils on the amalgamation identified a structure that provides a clear framework for the definition of the core business, measurable outcomes, defined accountabilities and key performance expectations. Further, the structure was designed to enhance service delivery with minimal overlap in functions and improve cost efficiencies.

Summer Councils organisational chart outlines the structure of the new council and staffing positions. The amalgamation process will result in a reduction of staff and require HR to prepare job descriptions for each position. In turn, this will impact on existing employees in some form potentially giving rise to concerns and grievances. HR will need to communicate the process and ensure that it is fair, equitable and transparent. A grievance resolution process will support this process.

Part 1 - Workforce requirements

1. Critically analyse the pre amalgamation workforce data provided in the Autumn Council and Spring Council (referred to as 'Councils') organisation structure. Your analysis should include reference to the numerical data and an explanation of the workplace supply.

2. Detail and discuss three (3) possible reasons for staff turnover at the Councils. Do you think the staff turnover levels are acceptable? Provide an explanation with your answer.  

3. Outline three (3) strategies that could have been used by the Councils to help address staff turnover levels.

4. Identify and review Summer Council's workforce profile and requirements. As part of your discussion you should comment on the workforce pre and post amalgamation changes and their effects in the workplace.

Part 2 - Workforce objectives and strategies

1. Outline and discuss three (3) strategies that can be used to retain the existing skilled labour at the councils.

2. Identify and define three (3) objectives that Summer Council can engage to help ensure workforce diversity and that cross - cultural management exists in the workplace. 

3. List and discuss three (3) strategies that Summer Council can engage to source skilled labour.

4. a) Detail three (3) communication strategies that could be engaged to communicate the workforce changes to the council's staff.

b) What actions should the HR Council Managers take to secure the agreement of the staff to the workforce changes?

5. In your capacity as the HR Manager of Spring Council what action would you take when a staff member spreads rumours that the current staff are to be sacked and to forget any new role at the Summer Council?

Part 3 - Workforce initiatives and implementation

1. Outline and discuss the core HR stages and activities associated with the restructuring, redeployment and redundancy of staff in an organisation.

2. As the HR Manager of Summer Council detail the actions you would take for the recruitment and training of new employees.   

3. Detail three (3) strategies that you would engage to assist the council's staff deal with the organisational change.

4. What is meant by the term 'workforce diversity'? Identify three (3) HR strategies to encourage workforce diversity goals at Summer Council.

5. Identify and discuss the factors that the HR Division should take into account when implementing a succession plan at the Summer Council.

6. The HR Manager yet to be appointed at the Summer Council will be required under the terms of their contract to ensure that the organisation becomes an 'Employer of choice'.

a) What is meant by the term 'Employer of choice?'

b) Prepare some preliminary advice to assist the HR manager with some strategies on how to encourage the Summer Council to become an employer of choice.    

Part 4 - Workforce monitoring and evaluation

1. Outline and discuss how you would go about monitoring Spring Councils staffing requirements and the effectiveness of change processes over a twelve (12) month period

2. a) Prepare a fifteen (15) question survey aimed at surveying the Spring Council's worker satisfaction twelve (12) months after the amalgamation has been completed.

b) Detail how you would administer the survey and encourage staff member participation and feedback.

3. a) Research current labour trends on demand for labour in regional areas of Australia. As part of your research include the following factors:

  • changes in technology
  • competition for workers
  • economic conditions
  • industry changes
  • market trends
  • skills and labour shortages
  • unemployment rates.

b) Research the government's response to these trends and the likely availability of skilled labour to meet the regional needs of councils seeking to employ staff such as the Spring Council.


Reference no: EM131225080

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