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Essay Topic:

"When it comes to ethics, many managers believe that 'while in Rome, do as Romans' - To what extent you agree or disagree with this viewpoint? Justify your answer by looking into the various ethical perspectives as outlined in the text."


1. Length 2000 words (10% allowable either way). Indicate word count on cover.

2. Journal Articles: Argument or discussion uses a minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles and two scholarly books (three if also using Schermerhorn) and all are referenced in the essay.

3. Referencing: Use either Harvard or APA referencing style. Essay includes journals, papers and books located in library.

- Writing a good academic essay requires solid research, critical evaluation of theory in light of contemporary research and practice, and persuasive, well-structured information or argument.

- Your essay should include a critical review of the relevant theories that underpin the area of management and illustrate how the theories inform your discussion or argument.

- It is critical that you access a range of credible academic resources in the preparation of your essay. The essay should be 2000 words.

- Note: Text-matching software will be used to verify your work.


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The managers are the ones who look into the basic management and the overall concern of the organisation. They are the ones who look into the overall form and management of the enterprise and consider the overall development of the organisation.

It is a responsibility and duty on the management to consider the overall purpose and objective of the concern and to ensure that there is proper development and management of the key resources of the enterprise.

The managers are also confined with the power of decision making and that means that they will have to consider various situation look into the positive and negative side of the market segments and then evaluate whether the same should be proceeded with or not (Czinkota, M. and Kotabe, M, 2001).

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