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Review the Week Six Lesson so that you are familiar with the research methodology regarding case study analysis. Using the online library, locate a minimum of two (2) case studies that utilize your topic (Leading/Managing Organizations) in some way. Summarize what you glean from the case studies as it relates to your topic of interest (450-600 words). You should integrate the material from both cases as you create the paper, but make sure to clearly delineate each of the cases, just as you might do if you were constructing literature review for a particular project. NOTE: SELECT CASE STUDIES THAT WERE PUBLISHED WITHIN THE LAST TEN YEARS.

Use the following outline in your summary (in APA format with a Title page and References page):

1. Identify the business problems of each of the cases

2. Rank-order the critical issues stated in the cases

3. Evaluate the proposed solutions. Are the solutions valid? Why or why not?

4. Submit recommendations you propose beyond what is already stated in the cases.

5. State how the solutions will be communicated in each case. Do you agree? Why or why not?

6. At the end of the paper, write a paragraph expressing the takeaways/benefits of case study research methodology as it relates to the topics of the cases (which should be the same as your topic of interest.)

NOTE: Do not use macros or automatic referencing in your papers for this course. The auto features usually cause unforeseen problems in format. Plus, part of this course involves the student's acquisition of the essentials of the APA style format

Follow the Submissions Guidelines as listed in the Syllabus: The various assignments for this course should be submitted as Word.doc attachments in the Assignment section of our virtual classroom. Each file should be named in the following manner: Last name-truncated Week Number-Assignment name (abbreviated if necessary)

For example: Smith-Wk06-Case Study Analysis

The accompanying articles upon which your work is based should be saved to your computer as a pdf file and then uploaded along with your assignment, named as suits you, EXCEPT put your last name first in the following manner: Last name-the name of the respective article (abbreviate as needed)

For example: Smith-YadaYada Research

Please note that this week you should upload three items into the same assignment area: your paper (.doc) plus the two case studies (each as a .pdf) upon which your paper is based.

Reference no: EM13807439

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