Creating induced pluripotent stem cells

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Question: In maize, two plants that are both heterozygous for the recessive alleles a and b are crossed. What frequency of double-mutant progeny will appear if a and b are 7.2 map units apart, and both parents carry a and b in repulsion (trans)?

Question: Why are the cells of the stratum basale used to create induced pluripotent stem (iPS)cells? What characteristics make them good candidates for this over ther cell types?


Reference no: EM1395532

Identify two functions for each type of macromolecule

Consider the monomers or subunits that compose protein, carbohydrate, lipid, and nucleic acid? Are all of the subunits just repeating units or are their differences in the s

What is the habitat of most of the species of escherichia

What is the habitat of most of the species of Escherichia? How do some strains of Escherichia become pathogenic? What are 2 diseases that are caused by different strains of

Choosing national air quality priorities

Review the background information on each of the pollutants covered under the NAAQS and, based on the available information and considering the questions you addressed above

Determine the position of a nucleotides in dna

If you need to determine the position of A nucleotides in DNA using dideoxysequencing, you need to include a primer and ddATP in addition to 4 dNTPs for DNA extension. If yo

Hydrophobic end and a hydrophilic end

An analysis of a lipid shows that it is made up of two fatty acids and a phosphate group, each bonded to a glycerol molecule. The molecule has a hydrophobic end and a hydrop

Draw the structure of a plant cell

Draw the structure of a plant cell, label the parts and include the major biological molecules found in such cell referring to specific parts. Include the functions of each

Developed hepatitis a and is immune to hepatitis b and c

A 40-year old recovering IV drug addict is evaluated for fever, malaise, anorexia, vomiting and jaundice. He also has red bumps on the skin of his lower extremities.

Explain what is t-cell mediated suppression

What is t-cell mediated suppression? I have been trying to read about it and understand what it is.. but everything I read it doesn't really make sense to me.... and what me


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