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Nature of the Project:

The Women's Clinic (TWC) is in the process of migrating their network environment from a workgroup model to a domain model using Microsoft's Active Directory (AD).

TWC is one of the largest health providers in North Texas. Their main clinic is located in Denton, Texas and they have a small clinic in Dallas. They have over 1,000 patients, 4 doctors, 6 nurses, and around 3 staff members at the Denton clinic; and over 300 patients, 2 doctors, 3 nurses, and 2 staff members at the Dallas clinic. Both clinics use the same medical and administrative software.

The Director, Mr. Capan, has hired you on a contract basis, to help with the design and implementation of their new network environment. However, before the actual implementation, he has asked you to: 1) create a prototype of your logical design, and 2) create a lab demonstration of your new domain implementation.

1) Mr. Capan would like to see your recommendations for the AD and the file system securities. He will give you some recommendations and ideas for documentations during your meeting with him. At a minimum, the Network Design documentation will consist of a network logical design using the following outline as an example:

• List of Users and Groups
• List of User and Group Responsibilities
• List of Applications and Data
• File System (Volumes, Folders, Files) Design
• Application and Data Access Rights Matrix
• Active Directory (AD) Design
• List of Proposed Group Policies
• Backup and Reliability

2) Once the logical design of the new domain is approved, he wants you to use MS Virtual PC to demonstrate your implementation as a prototype of following:

• Installing Active Directory (AD) on a domain controller
• Configuring Domain Name Service (DNS) for AD
• Joining clients to the domain
• Creating and managing Organizational Units (OUs) for Denton and Dallas clinics
• Delegating control of Dallas OUs
• Creating and publishing shared folders
• Implementing shared folder permissions
• Implementing user NTFS (New Technology File System) permissions to shared folders
• Testing shared folder permissions and NTFS permissions from a client computer with client accounts
• Creating Group Policies (GPs)
• Assigning GPOs to Dallas and in Denton OUs
• Testing GPs from a client computer

Mr. Capan has told you that he will go over the lab configuration information with you during your next meeting. He also told you that he would like this prototype to be finished by April 21, 2015.

Reference no: EM13750147

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