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Question: Data, details and information in the master patient index (MPI) are entered through the patient registration process. Human error may occur as a result of entering incorrect information such as a name or date of birth into the computer registration system, and this can result in matching a patient to an incorrect patient already in the system or in failure to match the current registration to an existing patient in the system. The validity of the MPI directs the identification of virtually every account and every patient and impacts data reports used at the facility. A jeopardized MPI can be devastating to a facility and can require a good deal of time and resources to correct. Errors in the MPI require identification and correction so that the integrity of the Master Patient Index is maintained. This is the purpose of a Data Validation in MPI policy.

To begin this assignment and creation of a Data Validation in MPI policy, examine the guidelines from the AHIMA practice brief, found on the AHIMA Body of Knowledge, Ensuring Data Integrity through a Clean Master Patient Index, by Julie A. Dooling, RHIA, and Katherine Downing, MA, RHIA.

Ensuring Data Integrity Through a Clean Master Patient Index

This article should be used as a benchmark when creating a facility policy on Data Validation in MPI. The policy should be developed according to the bulleted list below:

• Outline a process for data validation. Include all required steps listed in the article. (Use proper citation from resource.)

• Include a section which identifies an acceptable accuracy rate and the process to improve when the goal rate is not attained.

• Incorporate the role and responsibility of all involved areas, such as registration.

• In addition to benchmarking against the AHIMA practice brief, other resources can be used to review policies and guidelines but begin with the AHIMA practice brief.

• Follow a standard policy format and layout.

The submission must include a resource page and use citations to demonstrate the use of resource material.

Please Meet Criteria

Outlines data validation process, uses proper citations

Accuracy rate and process to improve, uses proper citations

Role and responsibility of involved areas, uses proper citations

Standard policy format used

Professional appearance, grammar, spelling, punctuation, APA resource page, etc.

Reference no: EM132279715

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