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August Comte created the Religion of Humanity. He had desciples (i.e., John Stewart Mill, and George Sarton) that followed his works, but I can not find if these people, or other sociologists (?) followed this Positivism as a religious cult? Was this new religion ever engaged?

Reference no: EM13511751

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Your writing section for this assignment will include 2 paragraphs for each department.In order to earn the maximum credit for the written report you need to incorporate at

Token economy to treat your fear of heights

Describe how your therapies might use systematic desensitization to treat your fear of heights? Describe how therapies might use token economy to treat your fear of heights?

Which ones do you think counselors most often overlook

Why can a sensitive Christian counselor not just automatically and quickly confront obvious sin in the life of the counselee? Of the cautions mentioned by the class sources,

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What shortcuts (schemas, heuristics) did you use to form your inferences? How did these shortcuts help or hinder your decision-making process? What elements of your culture

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Goals of historical terrorist organizations

Do you think that the goals of historical terrorist organizations were any different from those of the terrorist organizations of today - did the terrorists succeed at achiev

Discuss the views of federalism

Discuss the views of federalism held by alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Compare and contrast the us Bill Rights and the universal declaration of human right (UDHR)

Review facts and law from the contracts analysis case study

Review the facts and law from the Contracts Analysis Case Study. - A Mediation Memorandum memo must be styled as a business memo (see below) addressed from Marshall to the me


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