Create website prototype for tee-shirts sales using html

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Part 1 - Parciptation: Make a total of 8 substantive posts to the online discussion boards.

Part 2 - Assignment: Select an organization with which you are familiar. Come up with an idea for a mobile web application (such as selling a product, offering a service, offering a game, and so on).

Create a 2- to 3-screen wireframe that demonstrates your ideas for the product or service to the organization. You may choose to deliver the wireframe in the following ways:

Hand-sketch and scan.

Use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint software.
Use a drawing tool, which will generate image files (JPEG).
Use a tool such as exporting your wireframe to a PDF file. Alternatively, you may use one of the tools included in the classroom desktop for prototyping purposes.

Part 3 - Assignment: Find a current article about adaptive mobile web applications and write a 1-to 2-page paper discussing the article and its relevance to this week's individual assignment.

Part 3 - Team Assignment: *NOTE* This part will be a collective effort among 2 other people, so the workload will be spilt.

Begin working on Part II of the Shopping App Development assignment.

Part II: Mobile-Friendly Website Prototype

Create a 3-page website prototype for tee-shirts sales using HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript languages. Ch. 8 of Programming With Mobile Applicationsdiscusses a variety of web development tools. All program files should be in a ZIP file for submission for grading.

Reference no: EM13837562

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