Create web-based interface running on another server

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The assignment must be a minimum of just over 1-full page in length with a minimum of 2 outside sources. Please be sure to follow APA guideline

Car Rental USA hired you as a consultant. They are building an in-house application system that will pull data from a database located on one server, and display it via a Web-based interface running on another server. What are security issues that could plague this solution if not attended to?

Reference no: EM13771166

Description of the nominated mobile web applications

Provide an overview and description of the nominated mobile web applications. Identify and elaborate the main opportunities, problems gaps of the mobile web applications, dra

Create a new web application and create a jsp

Create a new Web application. Next, create a JSP that displays a form when the doGet method is invoked. The form will contain a post action that directs the form post back t

Design a website on your passion project

Design a website on your 'passion project'. This is some topic based on social or global concern (environmental, social, economic, global access to resources, spirituality,

Describe what the web service will provide

Using Microsoft PowerPoint, create a proposal to add a Web Service to the web application that you created earlier in this course. Your presentation should at least cover.

How the company uses the site to communicate

How the company uses the site to communicate with its customers. Your assignment is to write a one-page summary evaluating the company website, and be sure to address the fo

Create an html5 application

In the right hand div, create three questions about the table within an HTML5 form for the user to answer. Give more than 2-possible answers for the user to choose from for ea

Make an appointment with panel clinic

It is a Content Management System that handles medical claims in a company - There are a few functions including check claim balance, check claim history, locate nearest pane

Create a web page and add the appropriate link attributes

Create a Web Page similar to Figure 3-4 on page HTM 73 in the Shelley - Cashman textbook, with three text links to a Web page in an external Web site. Add the appropriate li


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