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Question: We all know how critical technology is in every business that exist today. For your final, I am asking you to go to and create a free website. You are limited to the number of pages you are allowed to produce so this is to be a very preliminary website for a potential business that you may have in mind. Create the Weebly web site and post the name it on the discussion board. Please call ASAP if you have issues creating your site,it is drop and drag.

Reference no: EM132184223

A change order must be clear-concise and explicit.

A change order must be clear, concise, and explicit. It must tell the contractor what, where, and when the work is to be performed, if the order of the work is affected, how t

Why a school violence prevention program is important

Explain why a school violence prevention program is important for today's school environment. Be sure to include whether you are focusing on high school or middle school stu

Explain independent variables for teen prostitution free

Explain in detail the independent variables for teen prostitution free will and moral viewpoints. Free will and moral viewpoints is very difficult to measure. How can you me

The essendon football club supplements crisis from 2013-2017

Welfare of the person (it will be public and that can have an adverse effect) and Get the facts) what has actually happened people might leave details to portray in a better l

Describe the effect you anticipate on the process

Describe the effect you anticipate on the process and the organization, should the issue continue, unaddressed. Summarize your recommendations and briefly validate them with

How does cognitive functioning enhance diversity

Is perceptual learning necessary for correct interpretation of pictures? If so, which aspects of picture perception are most affected by learning also experience.

How do you categorize people-how do you form stereotypes

Your online course is scheduled to "meet" on the first day of class. All the students will meet in a specified chat room to introduce themselves and meet the instructor. Eve

Describing the features of tribal religion

How are some features of tribal religion more related to individual needs and others to group needs; some more to humanity's involvement with nature and others to the destin


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