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Software Testing Assignment - Software Test Document

Overview - For any software development, testing activities need to be fully documented.

The IEEE 829-2008 Standard prescribes a set of documents that cover the various stages of testing, including:

  • Master Test Plan (MTP): provides an overall test planning and test management document for multiple levels of test.
  • Level Test Plan (LTP): provides for each level of testing, the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of the testing activities. It lists items being tested, the features to be tested, the tasks to be performed, the personnel responsible for each task, and the associated risk(s) need to be identified.
  • Level Test Design (LTD): details test cases and the expected results as well as test pass criteria.
  • Level Test Case (LTC): specifies the test data for use in running the test cases identified in the Level Test Design.

Learning Outcomes -

  • Critically evaluate software requirements as inputs toward testing of the final solution.
  • Analyse and critically evaluate appropriate tools and techniques to support the testing process.
  • Develop a good understanding of selecting and applying measures and models used for testing that are compliant with the appropriate professional industry standards such as the ACS and IEEE.
  • Critically reflect on the outcomes of software testing and propose strategies for improving quality and performance outcomes in the software process.
  • Analyse and critically evaluate software requirements and proposed solutions.
  • Apply complex decision making to select appropriate testing techniques.
  • Write professional level management, planning, quality assurance and testing documentation for a software system.
  • Apply effective testing techniques to software systems of varying scales and test levels.
  • Work in a team to evaluate and implement appropriate methods for determining quality and reliability in software systems.
  • Undertake quality assurance processes.
  • Develop and maintain plans for scheduling quality assurance tasks including software testing.
  • Carry out the process of software testing and writing reports detailing the results;
  • Implementation of project management principles with respect to software testing.

Assessment Details -

Commence your assignment task by reading the case study documents for the Online Backstage Management System (OBMS). The documents are:

  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • Software Architecture Design Document (SADD)
  • Administrator documentation
  • User documentation

Requirements: Each group will need to submit a Software Test Document. The document will describe, in as much detail as possible, a full testing suite for the Online Backstage Management System. The testing suite should include descriptions of the unit, integration and system testing levels and contain a detailed requirements traceability matrix.

To create the Software Test Document, groups should use the format shown in the sample Software Test Documentation shown in Lecture 5, slide 23, as this format incorporates features of

  • master test plan
  • level test plans for unit, integration and system testing levels that should relate to the requirements traceability matrix
  • level test designs for unit, integration and system testing with details of the specific test data for each of the test cases

Note: It is not necessary to include Section 4 or Appendix A as suggested in slide 23, as it will not be possible to conduct testing of the Online Backstage Management System software in this assignment.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar


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In this assignment we Critically evaluate software requirements as inputs toward testing of the final solution and Analysed and critically evaluate appropriate tools and techniques to support the testing process,Developed a good understanding of selecting and applying measures and models used for testing that are compliant with the appropriate professional industry standards.

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    This assignment is a group assessment, where one submission is made per group and all individuals in the group receive the same grade. There should be 2-3 students in each group. Marking Criteria/Rubric - Summary – including completed tasks & who did what 4 marks. Test plan - including requirements traceability matrix 8 marks. Test Cases – in as much detail as practicable – and prioritized 8 marks. Documentation presentation – at a suitable time in lecture or tutorial 10 marks. Gantt Chart 10 marks. Budget 10 marks and Report 20 marks.

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    Submission - Your assignment should be completed according to the Guides to your assessments. You are required to provide documentation, in Word format, which includes: a front page - indicating your name, a statement of what has been completed and acknowledgement of the names of all people (including other students and people outside of the university) who have assisted you and details on what parts of the assignment that they have assisted you with. List of references used (APA style).

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