Create the home page for your web site using the mock-up

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Using Dreamweaver, create the home page for your Web site using the mock-up from the Phase 1 Individual Project.

Your HTML cannot include any tables at this point in the project.

Your Web site must use an external style sheet to customize the appearance of your site's HTML elements.

The site navigation scheme does not need to be created at this point in the project.

Save your .html and .css files as index.html and style.css respectively.


Using CSS, HTML lists, Dreamweaver Sprys, and JavaScript, create the navigation scheme(s) for your Web site.

You may not use tables for your navigation scheme.

You should use Dreamweaver Sprys or a JavaScript library, such as jQuery or Prototype, to help build your navigation scheme.

Add the navigation to the Web site that you created in the Phase 2 Individual Project.

Be sure to test the navigation in one or more browsers to ensure that it is fully functioning.

Save your files and place a copy of your site's root folder into a .zip folder.

A .zip folder that contains your .html, .css, .js, image files, and any other files that you have used to create your Website.

Reference no: EM131119466

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