Create the banner to say creating dynamic car objects

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You will use the DynamicDogObject's HTML/JS/CSS files as templates - in order to create a set of new DynamicCarObject's HTML/JS/CSS files.

CSS: CopyDogObject.css from Class Content - the one we used for dynamic dog. Make the modifications (if necessary) so the ids/classes work with the new DynamicCarObject.html and DynamicCarObject.js code that you will create.

HTML: Copy DynamicDogObject.html as a Template to make these Modifications:

1. Create the Banner to say "Creating Dynamic Car Objects"

2. below the banner say "Enter the Car's Make, Model and Year

3. rename the labels for the textboxes appropriately

4. label the checkboxes as Car is running - Car is Cruising - Car is Speeding

5. rename the table elements appropriately

a. For the textbox answers:

i. The Car's Make is <make>
ii. The Car's Model is <model>
iii. The Car's Year is:

1. if< 2000 "Seriously Dude?"
2. if>= 2000 "Nice Set of Wheels Man!"

b. For the checkbox answers:

i. checked = "Yes, it's Purring" unchecked = "No, it's Resting"
ii. checked = "I'm a Low Rider" unchecked = "Getting to Work"
iii. checked = "I'm a Racer" unchecked = "Radar Trap Ahead"

Attachment:- program.rar

Reference no: EM13802630

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