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Write an outline in complete sentence form. Include a thesis statement (which may be spoken); a purpose statement, indicating the response from the audience you wish to achieve (which is not usually spoken); an introduction; a body, including supporting evidence; transitions; and a conclusion. If you use outside sources in creating your speech, please include them in a bibliography.

Reference no: EM13136304

Rewrite the paper leadership styles in the school setting

Rewrite the Attached Paper. - The topic is: - Leadership Styles in the School Setting. - How federal and state laws affect how the superintendent carries out the duties of the

Internet and telecommunication and new effects

Internet and Telecommunication and New Effects. The aim of this paper is to explore the issue of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) , Focus on Section: Abstract / Introductio

Determine variables that may affect content of teaching plan

variables unique to the pregnant patient that need to be considered when developing a patient specific pain management teaching plan for the antepartal patient preparing for

Describe and assess the stucture and performance

Describe and assess the stucture and performance of the Pineapple Industies in Ghana, Changing market structure and perfrmance of the firms in the industry over the years.

The failure of cop (community of practise)

the failure of CoP (community of practise), a paragraph focus on the failure reason and solution of the failure factor, the factor is management factors: 1: lack of management

Profit structure analysis

The best way to get a happy life". The company is succeeding the tradition and the history of Korean bakery and now has branch of Paris croissant and BR Korea to activate th

The present value of your windfall is

awarded on your 100th birthday (assuming you're around to collect), 60 years from now. If the appropriate discount rate is 8 percent, the present value of your windfall is

Write a policy brief applying the basic concepts

Write a policy brief applying the basic concepts taught in this course to a current issue that you choose. Assume you are writing for a policy maker who is considering a dec


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