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About this Lab: This Lab will be very similar to Lab #9. In this case you will use the ARC GIS online to create similar maps.

Please watch the videos in the playlistfirst - it shows you how to accessready to use social and economic layers of the ‘Living Atlas' in ArcGIS online.

There are 3 videos in the playlist.

1. Shows you how to login into ArcGIS online.

2. A brief review of Living Atlas(and some instructions for how to answer these questions)

3. How to change classes (also referred to as cut points here in the lab).

4. Change base maps and make them aesthetically pleasing.

5. Export maps for the lab submission.

Map Analysis/Creation #1

Use layers from the Living Atlas called "ACS Median Household Income Variables"and create a Map of Philadelphia that has the following components

a) 2013-2017 Income - Median Household Income.

b) Tract Data with three classes.

c) Shaded Area Map in Green. Shade tracts with household income over $100000 darkest green and those with income below $50,000 as dark grey.

Export this map and then copy/paste the image file in this word document

Question - Which Census Tract in Philadelphia has the highest percentage of household incomes over 100,000?

Question - What area/neighborhood in Philadelphia has the highest percentage of household incomes over 100,000 (you can make a reasonable guess)? Why do you think that is?

Map Analysis/Creation #2

Create the same exact map you just did, except for Manhattan. Search for Manhattan at the search bar on top-right corner of the screen.

Zoom out to the include the whole island.

Export this map and then copy/paste the image file in this word document

Question - What is the difference between incomes in Manhattan and Philadelphia? Why do you think this is?

Map Analysis/Creation #3

Please Create a Map of North Philadelphia (Centered Around Temple) that has the following components:

a) Use the layer called "ACS Education Attainment-Boundaries"

b) In Style options choose variable, Percent of Total whose Highest Education Completed is High School.

c) Create shaded Area Map in Plum Color

d) The map should have 5 classes with ‘Quantile breaks'.

Export this map and then copy/paste the image file in this word document

Question: What pattern do you see on the map? Explain it.

Map Analysis #4 (Just answer questions here - you don't have to include the map)

Please look at the national scale with states as the unit and shaded area as the visualization type and answer the following questions.

1. Travel Time to Work: Name the top 3 states which have the highest percentage of workers over the age 16 years that travel 60 to 89 minutes to work.

a. Please explain the pattern you see on the map - why do you think some states have higher commute times than others?

2. Occupation - Median Earnings of All Production, Transportation, and Material Moving Occupations- What part of the country has the most folks who are employed in manufacturing?

3. How did these states vote in the last Presidential Election? (Find this information somewhere else).

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