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Use any program with which you are comfortable to create your own flowchart for your website. Libre Writer or Microsoft Word are good programs to create a flowchart, but there are others. Use the information provided within the Simulation as your content. It should include the main pages of this site in an outline.

Also create three Wireframes [storyboards] for your web site design (Home Page and two others). These are rough designs to show placement of navigation, text and other elements on each of the pages. These pages should indicate hierarchy in the page design. It should also be a guide for anyone to use to develop this particular page. Traditionally you would create a new wireframe for every page that will change in the website. One for the home page, then one wireframe for each page that will have a different type of layout or structure to it.

Remember that this is a "blueprint" of the design that will be your final product. Put as much detail as you can into these pages.

Using the basic design and coding skills presented in the course, Fundamentals of the Internet develop a Home Page for the Canterbury

University web site. Use the information that you developed for this in your storyboard as your content.

Save your document to your desktop as "lastname_page1.html" then open it in your browser. Then, while in the browser:

From the top menu, under "File" choose "Open" (or, press CTRL+O).

Then, in the box that appears, click on "Browse".

Find your HTML document and click on "Open."

Reference no: EM13767417

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