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In a brief Word document, describe a type of organization of interest to you in the education or training industry (K-12, higher education, corporate, or military training). Select 1 job description category that would exist in that organization (e.g., teacher, trainer, administrative assistant, etc.), and describe the job. Explain the rationale for the elements of compensation detailed in the spreadsheet. Include citations and references (APA format) related to your topic organization, position, or related to employee compensation types and methods.

Create a spreadsheet with appropriate formulas by researching market compensation data for the position you have described. Create compensation budget entries for the position and place the data in your Excel chart. Where financial information lacks, use principles in your course materials to derive and justify your compensation data. Include the following information where applicable:

. Salary range for that position (direct pay or base pay)

. Incentive pay or extra duty pay

. Regular benefits provided for that position and the overall cost of benefits

. Account for any planned increases in any category over the next 12 months (for example, a 3% raise at some point during the year)

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Reference no: EM13885754

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