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Create a Business Process Model "swimlane" diagram using basic BPMN for the order-to-cash processes for 1-888-Junk Van. First prepare with a little research, then complete the deliverables listed below.

Deliverables: Submit both of the following:

- Business Process Model

- Write-up addressing topics below

Keep your diagram simple.

Include your name in the file name and on the first page.

Regarding the diagram:

- If you draw it using software other than Powerpoint or Excel, then please submit a copy in a .pdf, html or other common format

- I'm expecting a first draft -- not the type of polished effort that comes from locking a team in a room for a month

- Don't obsess over the details of the diagramming standard -- you should have one or more swimlanes, circles for events at the beginning and end, boxes for activities, diamonds for branching/merging and arrows showing the flow.

Topics to address in the write-up (expected length - minimum: several paragraphs, maximum: 1 page):

- Explain the process in English

- Discuss the decisions you had to make to produce the diagram and why you chose the way you did

- If this was your first experience documenting a process, what did you learn?

- What ideas do you have regarding how this process could be improved?

Reference no: EM132279863

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