Create and test an html documents that displays as a table

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Reference no: EM13770529

Create and test an HTML documents that displays as a table of football score from a collegiate football conference in which the team names have one of the primary colors of their respective schools. The winning scores must appear larger and in different font than the loosing score. The team names must be in a script font

Reference no: EM13770529

Create an admin page

Create an admin page that provides the following functionalities- Add a new book to the appropriate table. Item should have data for each of the fields in your table. Delete a

Create the code for a login system

SGA1789 Build Dynamic Websites Workbook Assignment. Using PHP session management features create the code for a login system. This will be used for security and access contro

Project on it-related ethical workforce issue

Write an organizational policy (a text-only report with a total minimum of 1,000 words) to address an IT-related ethical workforce issue that you wrote about in your matrix

The presented project is acceptable

1) Your design team presents a project to you, in which most inputs seem to have about a 1.5-second delay before a response. The lead designer has decided this response is acc

Web to research and evaluate security products

Use the Web to research and evaluate security products from two competing vendors, such as antivirus software, firewalls, or antispyware software. For each product, describ

Assess reliability of data gathered via paid internet users

Assess the reliability of data gathered via paid Internet users. Describe and assess the evaluation method being used by the testing company, i.e., nonvisual and verbal recor

Define the internet and multimedia technology

What are the major characteristics of a modern multimedia system. What is the most important characteristic in your opinion. Multimedia is the latest development in the abstra

Define the process of creating and maintaining a website

The process of creating and maintaining a website typically involves both development and production environments. What is one reason for maintaining the two separate enviro


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