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Database Administration Assignment -

Tasks Objectives:

1. Create and maintain a database server.

2. Implementing Database security policies.

Task 1 - Submit a work proposal for this assignment which must include:

  • Understanding of deliverables - a detail description of deliverables
  • General overview of proposed plan - initial understanding of solution for the task-2 and task-3.
  • Resources identified

Task 2 - ABC University is one of the leading University in the Oman. It is established in the year 2002 and has a current student strength of over 25000 students. The student belong to different parts of the world. It employs full-time and part-time personnel. It offers various undergraduate courses in the field of Business and Engineering programs. The University has an online system operational round the clock.

As a Database Administrator (DBA) working for ABC University, discuss the following:

a) Discuss the various reasons with relevant examples of your own that can lead to ineffective data administration in the ABC University.

b) Discuss the two-tier and three-tier database architecture and suggest suitable architecture with appropriate reasons for implementing database application for the ABC University.

Note: Solution for this task must be written in your own words with relevant examples wherever necessary and to be written in maximum of five pages.

Task 3 - a) The web link to the following research paper is given in the college Moodle web page: Sharma, N., Garg, P., Security Policies in Modern Database System, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), 2011.

Discuss the key security features available in the data management software that can be applied for the scenario given in task 2a.

Note: The solution must be written in your own words with relevant examples not exceeding 3 pages. The given research paper is for your reference only and your answer should not be limited to this research paper only. You may refer various other resources and provided references for the same.

b) Consider the scenario given in task-2a and create any four users (e.g. User1, User2, User3, and User4) in the ABC University database and assign the privilege to connect to the database. Out of the four users, one user (i.e. User1) is for faculty and two users (i.e. User2 and User3) are for the managers. The fourth user (i.e. User4) is for the admin staff.

Create two roles with the following privileges:

  • Data_Entry: can only insert and view the records on the table created by User4.
  • HoD: can only edit and delete the records on the table created by User4.

Assign the roles created above to the users as indicated below:

  • Assign the role Data_Entry to the faculty (i.e. User1)
  • Assign the role LM to the managers (i.e. User2 and User3)
  • For the admin staff (i.e. User4) assign the privilege to create a new table (should not be able to insert records). You may create any new table relevant to the task-2a scenario.

Your solution must include the necessary SQL commands as screenshots and brief explanation for each of the steps.


The names of the four users must be based on your first name. For example, if your name is Ahmed, the user names should be Ahmed1, Ahmed2, Ahmed3 and Ahmed4.

If the user names are inappropriate, marks shall be deducted accordingly.

Note: Perform all tasks.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

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    Evaluation Criteria: There will be no marks without a viva. Viva will be used as a means to measure the originality of your work. You would be evaluated on the following: Originality of answer, i.e. writing in your own words with some amount of referenced material. Simply copy and paste of information must be avoided. Oral examination: Your Assignment marks are based on the VIVA which will be conducted upon submission of assignment. The VIVA will be based on the tasks given in the assignment. ZERO marks will be awarded to the student if she / he is absent for VIVA. Correct information analysis and presentation in document form. Adequate referencing and citation provided. Examples can be provided if needed.

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    Guidelines - Follow the guidelines mentioned below for your assignment: Code developed (Soft Copy) should be included. Assignment must be submitted through Moodle. Handwritten assignments / hard copy will not be accepted. Use Page Number & proper References. Assignment should have a Title Page. The Table of Contents Should have, each deliverable task number, content, page number. Assignment should be typed in your own words using Times New Roman font size 12. Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold, Underline.

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    Feedback shall be given in Moodle within four days from the last date of submission of work proposal and within one week after submission of final assignment document. Final Assignment Submission: Detail feedback on the assignment document will be provided. This feedback will help you to reflect on your work. You can also carry forward the feedback comments in understanding and completing the next assessment.

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