Create an hla program to perform two data conversions

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Using Floating Point Unit and the switch statement Create an HLA program to perform the following:

-Two data conversions (decimal,binary,hex)

-Two measurement calculations (miles,feet,meters,inches)

-Two logical operations(and,or,x-or)

-Two currency conversions (dolars,euros,pounds)

-Two geometric calculations(volume,area of geometric objects)

-Two temperature conversions(celsius,fahrenheit,kelvin)

-Two electronic calculations(resistors,inductors,capacitors Series Paralell)

-Two well known mathematical expressions(simultaneous equations, pythagoras, quadratic)

Reference no: EM13256696

Simplify the equations using a k-map and draw final circuit

Write the full equations to light the bottom segment of a 7-segment display. INLCUDE the hexadecimal digits too ( b, c, d, and E ). Then simplify the equations using a k-map

Find the induced emf and the armature current of generator

In a 120V compound generator, the resistances of the armature shunt and series windings are 0.06 ohm, 25 Ohm, and 0.04 Ohm respectively. The load current is 100A at 120V, fi

Determine the total armature power developed when working

A 25KW, 250V dc shunt generator has armature and field resistances of 0.06 ohm and 100 ohm respectively, determine the total armature power developed when working (1) as a g

Find the average power delivered the resistor

when an AC source is connected accross a 12.0 resistor,the rms current in the resistor is 8.00 A find (a) the rms voltage accross the resistor,(b) the peak voltage of the s

What is the maximum load possible without a heat sink

A small buck converter has 24 V input and 12 V output. The transistor has Rds(on) - 0.1 Ohm. The diode is modelled as a 1.0 V drop. Each device has junction to ambient Rthet

Find what is the switching loss in the transistor

A boost converter has 5 V input and 12 V output at 60 W. The diode is ideal. The transistor requires 1 us to turn on and off. The switching frequency is 100 kHz. The storage

What is the loss in each part if a second mosfet is added

A MOSFET is used in a boost-buck converter. The on-state loss is 4.2 W, and the switching loss is 2.8 W. The device is in TO-220 heat-sink package. it is desired to avoid a

Write down state and output equation in canonical form

Given transfer function of dynamic system: T(s)= (2s^2 + 2s + 3) / (s^3 + 4s^2 + 6s + 10). write down state equation and output equation in Controllable Canonical Form and i


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