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It is often said that you can't motivate people. Instead, you can only create an environment in which they may choose to motivate themselves. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Some suggestions on how to answer this question (this list Is not exhaustive).

• Your answer must be based on the theory and concepts taught in this subject.

• Discuss this question with reference to at least four theoretical perspectives and the concepts taught in this subject to support your point of view.

• As a minimum research requirement, the subject text book and required readings must be referenced as part of your research effort to answer this question.

• Marks may also be awarded if appropriate examples of organisations are also used as a basis for your arguments. Assignment

Structure: (applies to all assignments)

You should consider the following as the structure for your assignment

• Title page (not included in the word count)

• Table of Contents (not included in the word count)

• Executive Summary

• Introduction

• Body of the Work (identify what you consider to be the important themes drawn from the relevant literature and organisational examples you have chosen to consider).

• Conclusion

• Reference list (not included in the word count).

10 apa reference.

Reference no: EM131039701

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