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Can someone please create an entity relationship diagram by today for an automated web-based timesheet portal system. I need it done by tomorrow the latest, but prefer today if possible


You are required to turn in the following:

-An Entity-Relationship Diagram of an automated payroll system for a company. The description of the company is below:

1. Brief Description

a. Company: Validation & Technical Services Integrated Inc.

b. Location: P.O. Box 1426
Des Plaines, IL 60017-1426

c. Size: 10-14 employees (few are seasonal).

d. Major areas of business or activity: Validation & Technical Services Integrated Inc (VTSI) was founded in 2000 by Bharat Patel and Manish Patel. VTSI is a full service Validation, GMP Compliance, Engineering, Equipment Design/Supply Consulting firm dedicated to serve the FDA regulated Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and In-vitro Diagnostic industries. Their corporate office is located in Chicago, Illinois. At the moment, VTSI's consulting services are offered in Illinois, but also serve all over United States, Europe, and Canada.

e. Organizational Type: Private Entity

-A brief narrative that will help me (or anyone else that is not familiar with your organization) understand the meanings of the entities, attributes, and relationships. The narrative should not include information that is already clear on the diagram.

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The solution file contain ER diagram of an automated payroll system for validation Technical Services for integrated Inc. This ER diagram contain eight tables which are explained with entities, primary and foreign key. This ER diagram represented relationship between each tables.

Reference no: EM13988647

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