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For your final project you will create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), create tables in your own database, and import data into these tables. For Part 1 of the Project, you will create the ERD. For Part 2 you will build the tables and load the data. For Part One of the Project, you will be working in the "Models" Area of MySQL Workbench:

Using the Data Dictionary Provided, you will create an ERD (or EED as MySQL calls it), using the Models utility.

MySQL will prompt you for the name of the schema (database) you want to create. You will use your CSS user name for the database. For example, my database is named "pranallo" because my user name is pranallo.

You Model must include the following elements:

1. All 5 tables listed in the Data Dictionary
2. For each Table make sure you include in your model:
a. The table name (as listed in Data Dictionary)
b. A column named exactly as listed in the Data Dictionary
c. The appropriate data type for each column (as listed in the Data Dictionary)
d. The appropriate column settings (keys, whether null, etc.)


Primary Keys are automatically generated by defining the column as an "auto-increment" column. Don't forget to check this setting when you build the column.

Reference no: EM13909646

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