Create an application to run in the amazon ec2 service
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In this project you will create an application to run in the Amazon EC2 service and you will also create a client that can run on local machine and access your application. You will be free to select the application and also to choose the particular Amazon Machine Image that you use to run it. We will test your service by running your client according to documentation that you provide. Therefore project given with:

a. A service that run on the Amazon EC2 infrastructure

b. A client that can run on an ordinary machine and access it. This can be a simple command line application or access via an existing Web browser, it does not need to be a complicated GUI.

c. Documentation that will allow us to use your client to access your service.

You will be assessed on

a. The understanding and imagination you demonstrate in creating the service and the client.

b. The thoroughness and clarity of your documentation.

c. Our experience of running your application.

Some possible ideas for applications are

a. A web page about some topic of interest to you.

b. An application that produces some output as text or images, maybe a scientific application or a wrapper around some open source software like gnuplot or Povray.

c. A database that will allow the user to search for information about some topic, e.g. music, films, scientific information.

However you are free to choose your own. Do not be too ambitious, the above examples are to give some idea of the scope. You have done similar things with Unicore so this should give you some feel for what can be done in three weeks.

You need to take the following steps

a. Obtain a free Amazon account for the Free Usage Tier.

b. Read the documentation about Getting Started with the Free Usage Tier and about EC2. These give simple examples of already prepared applications so that you can get started and see how to access remote cloud applications.

c. Decide on your application and the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) you need to run it.

d. Create the application and the client.

e. Create the documentation.

f. Upload a file with the documentation and the details of how we can access your client and your service. You could upload the client as a script, or give us a link to a web page where we can download it.

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