Create an action query that makes a table called westcoast

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This week you will demonstrate your knowledge of action queries by using all four action queries to accomplish the tasks outlined.

For this exercise, you can use the same database form last week or download a fresh copy, download the Customer database file. The customer database contains 52 records of names and addresses. Before you begin the assignment, you might want to make a copy of the table first, in case you make a mess of things or want to test it out over and over again.

Use the customer table to create the action queries below. Save each one when you are satisfied that it works as it should. There will be 4 queries in Total. Each with its own icon showing what kind of action will take place when the query is run.

Create an action query that makes a table called WestCoast, with the following records. CA, WA, OR Create an action query to add the NV records to the newly created WestCoast table.

Create an action query that would delete the records from the Customer table, that were transferred to the WestCoast table i.e. CA, WA, OR and NV records. (we don't need them anymore in the Customer table)

Add a new field to the table called TAX. Set the data type to number and in the property fields pane, in the second half of the screen, change the format Long Integer to Single or Double (to allow decimals and not just integers. In Access 2013, this might be slightly different).

Create your final action query to "fill-in" the TAX with .085 for all the San Francisco CA customers.

Change the name of the customer database to your name before uploading and submitting for grading

Submit your work by uploading the database with the 4 saved action queries using the Assignment tool.

Be sure to use the discussion board if you need clarification on any topic.

The database you submit will contain 4 Action Queries. If you are using the same database as last week, delete all past select queries.

Reference no: EM13764313

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