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Create a website of two web pages (home and calculator) your website design should have a header containing the website name , a navigation menu, content place holder, and a footer. The home page will contain a welcoming message only (look at figure 1), and the calculator page will contain a simple calculator that adds, subtracted, multiply, and divide two numbers (look at figure 2). The 1stnum and 2ndnum field are required fields so you must add a required field validation control to them.

Reference no: EM13779210

How the self-service website can be kept current

Provide details of how the mobile self-service will be implemented on the various mobile devices. Note: Keep in mind that the university already provides a self-service Webs

Define website content requirements

Although you will learn that Content Inventory and Categorisation and Labelling are part of the design phase, this work has already been partially done for you. Below you wi

Implement the days-to-go feature

"Days-to-Go" is an interesting and useful feature in website design. It shows up the remaining number of days (or even with hours, minutes, and seconds) towards an event.

Power point presentation through smil and svg

Use SMIL and SVG, it is possible to choose resources from different locations and contributors to create a single unified presentation. Discuss how would you implement a syste

Demonstrate how a single html document can be presented

The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate how a single HTML document can be presented in two different appearances, determined by the document's CSS stylesheet. Your HTM

Who is the intended audience

Visit a website readings that interests you. Review the home page or another pertinent page from the site. Write a summary that includes your reaction to the site. Address t

How could validation have saved sara development time

Most people use browsers that support images. Why is it important to support all browser types in this situation? How could validation have saved Sara development time? What o

Despite being a fairly old technology menu-driven interface

Despite being a fairly old technology, menu-driven interfaces are very common in user interface design. Menu-driven interfaces consist of a series of screens which are navi


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