Create a visual diagram that indicates the main page

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Portfolio 1.1

Write up the following project proposal :
- Site title-Specify the working title for the site.
- Developer-Identify yourself.
- Rationale or focus-Explain the content and goals of the site.

Planning the Site:
- Main elements outline-Describe the main features of the site.
- Content-Estimate the number of individual web pages.
- Target audience-Describe the typical audience for the site.
- Design considerations-List the design goals for the site.
- Limiting factors-Identify the technical or audience factors that could limit the design goals of the site.

*At this stage, your proposal and planning is primarily a draft. You will have a chance to modify the proposal and supplement the design details at different phases of the project.

Portfolio 1.2

Visualize the page design for your site by sketching a number of page layouts for different information levels of the site. For example, sketch the main page, a secondary page, and a content page. You do not have to be concerned with the exact look of the elements, but be prepared to indicate the main components of the pages, such as headings, navigation cues, link sets, text areas, and so on.

Start to organize your site. Create a visual diagram that indicates the main page, section pages, content pages, and so on. Indicate the links between the pages. Indicate whether you will provide alternate navigation choices such as a table of contents and site map.

* Your figures and sketches can be hand drawn on paper or created using a drawing application. To submit hand drawn sketches, please scan or use a digital camera to capture the originals.

Reference no: EM131160343

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