Create a subclass poodle and add dog breed in constructors

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Question: Create a dog runner class which uses a Dog class which you create.

Dog class must: 1. Have dog characteristics of Name, Color, Weight

2. Be able to construct a default dog of name "Fido", color brown and weight 10 (pounds).

2. a. Construct a dog with only name (default brown and 10 pounds).

2. b. Construct a dog with all 3 parameters.

3. Dog must be able to sit (respose is "arrrff").

4. Must be able to examine the 3 characteristics ('getters')

5. Must be able to change the 3 dog characteristics ('setters')

6. Demonstrate all the above from the dog runner (or 'dog tester') class.

7. Create a subclass "poodle" and add dog breed in the constructor(s) using super.

8. Use toStrings in Dog & Poodle class.

Reference no: EM132184914

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