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Terrorist Tactics and Weapons

This week, you take the role of an expert serving on a commission to predict the possible tactics and weapons of a terrorist group. Choose a terrorist group other than al-Qaeda. The group you choose should have a well-defined profile and a defined strategic position.

Create a report for the commission. The report should include the following about the terrorist group you choose:

The terrorist group's profile, including its goals and objectives.

The terrorist group's strategic position in the country of its prevalence and in an international terrorism scenario.

The terrorist group's rank in being a serious threat to international security.

The possible tactics and weapons used by the group and its rank vis-a-vis other terrorist groups based on the level of danger its weaponry suggests.

The terrorist group's threat to innocent civilians and its rank based upon the level of danger it poses to innocent civilians.

The terrorist group's similarities and differences in behavior and pattern of strategies as compared to ISIS.

The counterterrorism measures that can be used against this group.

Write a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word.

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