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Fundamentals of Web Development

Learning goals:

  • Implement the HTML5 Cache for offline access.
  • Use JQuery Mobile GUI features to create a small personnel index page that will work offline on mobile devices


1. Use your JQuery Mobile template that you created to create a new JQM single page Web site. Name it LastnameFirstnameLab_10.html.  Include all the files that JQuery Mobile requires to work.  Either do this manually or use the downloader on the site. Or better yet, use the Theme roller to create most of the CSS for your site to save time.

Create a CSS3 file called main.css and link it to your page for additional style you will implement.

Make sure that you have the files correctly linked and JQM working before you go further.

We are going to use the JQM Collapsible set here, but we could also use some of the other ListView GUI components or even code the individual data as separate pages in a JQM multipage document.  Feel free to do that if you get engaged in tweaking this project!

2. You will create a simple list of personnel in the context of a small business.  Include 6 people in the list with the all the required data.  You can make this humorous or whimsical.  

For each person construct the following information:

  • Photo (a humorous jpg image)
  • Full Name (FirstNameLastname)
  • Title (Chief Executioner, Headmaster, etc...)
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

3. Consult the demos on the JQuery Mobile site on the collapsible ( and implement a collapsible list that shows the photo on the left (for instance, set it to about 25% width) and the full name and when clicked, expands to show the other information fields.  Feel free to use one of the other JQM GUI elements to display this data as long as you implement a comparable display of this info.

Take some time to create a reasonable layout/display for these information fields. Of course, each person should have the same layout/display for consistency.

4. Use the JQuery Mobile theme or style the appearance of your page yourself with the CSS3 file as you wish. Create a reasonable, professional layout and design.

5. Now code the page to work offline by creating the HTML5 Cache file and linking it to the main page.

6. You may have to mount your page on UC Filespace to test the Caching. Some browsers seem to automatically cache pages and some prompt the user. Visit the page and if prompted download it.  Then, disconnect the internet connection and try to return to the page to view the local copy.

Get some screen shots of the page showing the interaction of the interface.  Paste them here:

7. Zip your completed Web files(HTML and CSS) and this Word doc into a single archive called  Submit this and a separate copy of your doc file with the Bb assignment mechanism.

Reference no: EM131371565

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