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Create a project schedule and align resources, Analyze project schedule and resource allocation

1. What is your total budget for this project? Was the project within the budget as set forth by the board of directors?

2. What is your budget for the Planning Phase? What is the Planning Phase duration in weeks?

3. What is your budget for the Preparation Phase? What is the Preparation Phase duration in weeks?

4. As your project launches, what are some of the key performance indicators that you will monitor and control? Why are these performance indicators critical to mange during the project?

5. Will the Huntsville Plant Project be ready by the June 30, 2012 deadline set by the board of directors? What options might be open to ensure this deadline is met, if the current schedule indicates the Huntsville plant project will not be ready in time?

6. Are there any resources over-allocated? If yes, during which month(s) and what are some ways this might be addressed?

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