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Question: In this discussion, you will create a presentation from the point of view of two specific professionals who are experts.

Consider the psychological career alternatives available and determine from which fields of expertise your two points of view will come.

Select the two professionals you will use with expertise on the topic you selected. Your professionals' identity may be based on a real person that you know, or they may be made-up based on the job description of a professional in the field. The titles of your professionals should represent actual jobs (based on job descriptions) from categories in two different areas of mental health (e.g., psychiatry and psychology, social work and counseling).

In one or two sentences, briefly introduce your experts by describing their current careers as well as their backgrounds. The experts will be providing scholarly information on your selected topic based on the point-of-view of their respective professions.

Provide evaluations from the experts in the course of the presentation, regarding contributions of psychological research on the chosen topic in an applied context.

Include information from at least two peer-reviewed articles that were published within the last five years to substantiate your experts' claims. You must select these two articles on your own. You may not use resources listed within this course. For information on how to generate search terms for specific resources.

To begin, create a presentation using the Sample Presentation Template, of at least five slides (not including the title and reference slides). Provide the following elements in your presentation:

A side-by-side comparison of your experts including their current careers as well as their backgrounds

A brief general explanation of the topic chosen in Week One

Provide a slide for each of the experts' points of view including appropriate citations of your referenced resources

A brief overview and comparison of the two experts' points of view

A separate reference slide must be included at the end of the presentation

A minimum of three scholarly sources published within the last five years must be included in the discussion. References are cited according to APA guidelines.

.A link to a website from an organization associated with each expert's profession. Include information from that website where the corresponding expert is presenting her or his point of view. Include the websites in the reference slide using the full APA citation format for websites. Do not just copy and paste the URL to the website.

.Use the sample template provided to organize your presentation. You may change the font sizes in the presentation. However, do not use a font smaller than 20 pt. You are encouraged to insert relevant figures and graphics. Make sure to appropriately cite any images you use that you did not create yourself. If you include a table or figure from a journal article, cite it according to APA guidelines.

Next, create a 3 to 5 minute oral video presentation of your presentation using a screencast program such as Jing or Screencast-O-Matic. You may also use YouTube or a voiceover PowerPoint saved as a video file with audio. The maximum time allowed for your presentation is 5 minutes, so practicing your presentation prior to recording it is highly recommended.

.Please include a title for your presentation in the description box when you publish your oral video presentation.

Finally, copy and paste the URL link to your oral video presentation (screencast or video file) in your discussion forum response section.

.Your presentation must utilize at least two scholarly peer-reviewed resources, in addition to your textbook, cited in APA format.

.All references used within the presentation must be cited properly within the slides and included on the required reference slide, which will be the last slide within your presentation.

.Due to the time limit of your presentation video, you are not required to speak or read through the reference list. However, you must include your reference list within the discussion post along with the URL link to your presentation and submit your presentation via doc sharing.

Guided Response: Review several of your classmates' video presentations.

Provide a substantive response to at least two of your peers. As you respond to your peers, consider the following:

What are the expert's points of view in their presentations?

Were these appropriate to the fields of expertise and the backgrounds provided?

What evidence was used to support the conclusions?

What additional viewpoints exist?

How might an individual from a different professional approach the topics?

Jing and Screencast-O-Matic are good screencast resources that are free. You may also search on your own to locate a program of your choice.

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In this assignment i have given the information on mental health issues. I have introduced two of the famous persons Dr Joseph Isaac and Dr Nisha Khanna. Dr Joseph is a famous clinical psychologist and Dr Khanna is a famous family counselor. In this paper is have also added point of view of both the DR and the difference of the same. Font size:28 Font type : Times new roman Citation style : APA

Reference no: EM131223629

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