Create a page with textbox and calendar control

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Reference no: EM131143636

1) Create a page with textbox and calendar control, whatever the user select should show up in the text box.

2) use a range validator control to test string date (the user should not enter any date in the future).

3) Give a very simple example of client and server validation (use a page with one textbox and button), Explain what you are validating and give error messages back to the user.

Reference no: EM131143636

How linked data can be used in semantic web applications

In the first part of the coursework, you created two knowledge representations for a cinema using different semantic web technologies -  Representation so that it stores info

Create a web page for body systems

Body Systems is a leading manufacturers of home gyms. The company recently hired you to assist in developing its Web site. Your first task is to create a web page for the LS

Create the home page for your web site using the mock-up

Using Dreamweaver, create the home page for your Web site using the mock-up from the Phase 1 Individual Project. Your HTML cannot include any tables at this point in the proje

Problem related to networks

To define the addressing scheme of the company XYZ network you will indicate: 1) The subnet mask selected, 2) the maximum number of subnets provided by the selected subnet mas

Project on web analytics software

In this project it mainly deals with the improvement of the current data base data warehouse and data transfer and data retrieving. XYZ Company's project proposes to provide

Create a web page and add the appropriate link attributes

Create a Web Page similar to Figure 3-4 on page HTM 73 in the Shelley - Cashman textbook, with three text links to a Web page in an external Web site. Add the appropriate li

Starting a web site called highered

HigherEd Adella Coronel is a guidance counselor for Eagle High School in Waunakee, Wisconsin. She wants to take her interest in helping students choose colleges to the Web b

Creating a professional looking document

Find and critique virtual data and word processing skills to make a professional looking document that promotes personal development or financial growth and maturity.


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