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Use database software such as Microsoft Access or LibreOffice Base to perform the following actions. (Refer to Workshops 9 & 10 for help.)

A. Create a new database. Add tables based on the design of your entity-relationship diagram from Question 1. Make sure that you:· have the correct primary keys for each table,· add foreign keys,· choose appropriate data types for each field.Paste a screenshot of each table in the 'Design View' into your Assignment Answers document.[5 points]

B. Establish relationships between the tables. Enforce referential integrity and cascade updates&deletes.Paste a screenshot of the relationships into your Assignment Answers document.[1.5 points]

C. Fill all tables with some data of your choice. You should have at least 3 records per table.(Pay attention that each entry in a foreign key field has a corresponding entry in the primary key field of the related table. If you choose data that resembles a real scenario, then you should not have any issues.)Paste a screenshot of each table in the MS Access 'Datasheet View' (LibreOffice Base 'DataView') into your Assignment Answers document.[1 point]

D. Think again about the situation that a customer tells you that he/she changed her name because he/she got married.·In order to update the customer's name, how many tables and how many records would you have to change?Explain your answer by writing it in your Assignment Answers document.[1 point]

E. Create a query that shows for each area how many rides were completed where the kilometers driven exceed a certain distance. Make sure you choose a suitable distance based on your data so that you receive some results. Note that there is no direct relationship between the ride table and the area table. You needto address this in your query design. (Think about it and you will find the solution.)Paste a screenshot of the query design and the query result into your Assignment Answers document.[1.5 points]

ALSO, attach the saved file of the software used.

Reference no: EM131306592

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