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Financial Accounting Information Systems - Individual Assignment

This assignment requires you to create a new business, input transactions, and generate financial statements and reports using Xero. This assignment question sheet should be used in conjunction with the weekly Xero help-sheets which explain in more detail the steps required to complete the exercises below.

Task Overview - The Company for which you will be working in this assignment distributes, sell and repairs toys for kids. You will be recording transactions for the month of September 2019.

The assignment contains five separate sections, one for each week of September. You should work though these sections sequentially. Once you have completed all the exercises you should prepare the requirements listed below.

Set up Company - Your first task is to set up a new business in Xero - you must use your Student ID Number and FULL Name as the Business name. Refer to the Workshop 5 Help-sheet if you need detailed help to set up a new company in Xero.

You are the accountant and owner of a business which is registered for GST purposes. You previously used to use another software as your main accounting system. However, as a result of changes in technology, you have decided to move onto a cloud-based accounting software platform, XERO. To transfer from your previous accounting package to XERO you are required to transfer balances in your previous system onto XERO. The conversion date (date when you stop using your previous system and start using XERO) is 1 September 2019, and the Trial Balance as at 31 August 2019 (see in attached file).

Adjusting Journal Entries - 30th September

This is the final day of the calendar month, and your main task is to prepare the month end accounting entries. For any adjustments required you will need to prepare a general journal entry.

The adjusting journals that you will need to enter are as follows - round to TWO decimal places:

1. Interest expense - short-term loan (Northern Bank)

2. Insurance expense - product liability insurance policy (CoverWallet).

3. First month of subscription revenue earned from the company featured magazine, "Humpty Dumpty".

4. You completed 30% of Toy repairs for ThinkFun Toys during September.

5. Office supplies on hand at 30th September is $341 incl. GST.

6. Depreciation expense - plastic welding machinery, using the units of production method.

7. Depreciation expense - computer, using the diminishing balance method.

8. Interest earned at month end.

9. You are required to pay for an invoice for a week's (27 September to 29 September) fuel bill of $385 incl. GST from Texaco Petrol. This is not yet paid yet. Record the relevant adjusting entry.

10. Advertising expense amount for the month of September.

11. Provision for warranties is equal to 5% of sales.

12. Estimate of doubtful debts is 10% of Accounts Receivable as at 30th September.

13. Salaries expense accrued for September.

14. Warehouse rent expense accrued for September.

15. Depreciation expense Delivery Van, using the straight-line method.

16. Depreciation expense Store Building, using the straight-line method.

17. Interest expense accrued on the loan for Building of the Head Office.

18. 40% of deliveries are performed during September.

19. Telecommunication accrued for September.

20. Insurance expense, Fire insurance.

Note all month end adjusting journals must be dated 30 September 2019.

Assignment Deliverables (Please ensure all reports have correct dates) -

1. A Trial Balance report dated 29th September 2019. This is your 'unadjusted' Trial Balance. Use the older version of the Trial Balance.

2. A Journal Report for 30th September 2019. An example from Demo Company is shown below (see in attached file).

Please note that: you MUST change the date from 30 September 2019 to 30 September 2019 and click onto "Show Posted Manual Journals Only". Students who submit a Journal report that includes all journals of the whole month of September 2019 may lose 50% of their mark for this deliverable.

3. A Profit and Loss report for the period 1st September 2019 to 30th September 2019. Use the older version of the Profit and Loss.

4. A Balance Sheet report as at 30th September 2019. Use the older version of the Balance Sheet.

5. A professionally presented short written business report (maximum 1,000 words) designed for an internal user of the accounting information. Your written report is required to be classified as below:

Written Report - Financial performance factors

Your report explains the financial results and performance of your company in September 2019. You are required to provide four (4) discussion factors to analyse the financial performance of the company. These can be items taken from either balance sheet or profit and loss that you feel had an impact on the financial performance of the company. To achieve full marks, you are required to provide an appropriate XERO report (other than the ones provided before), calculation and/or ratio to support your discussion of each factor you have chosen to highlight.

Written report - Benchmarking

You are required to compare the company results with that of at least one competitor. You require to use the annual reports of the competitor as your source for benchmarking purposes and compare your company with the competitor using at least two (2) benchmarking ratios.

Written report - Recommendations

You are required to provide two recommendations for the business moving forward and include supporting evidence through analysis to justify your recommendations. You are required to be creative and think about both financial and non-financial factors e.g., you can discuss media reports, current global financial climates, international demand, expansions or contractions of departments/product lines, internal factors, risk and liability etc.

Written report - Visualisation

Provide two graphs that visually illustrate the company's overall financial situation and performance. Include a description for each graph that describes the results or trends. You are required to provide meaningful, effective, easy to read, and well-formatted graphs for use in managerial decision making.

Written report - Format

You are required to write your report according to the business report format. The following link, taken from Business School of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, should assist you with writing a business report according to the business report format.

Attachment:- Financial Accounting Information Systems Assignment File.rar

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    The assignment contains five separate sections, one for each week of September. You should work though these sections sequentially. Once you have completed all the exercises you should prepare the requirements listed on page 12. Finally, you are required to submit your assignment files and reports via the assignment submission box on LMS. You are required to submit your assignment by the due date.

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    This assignment requires you to analyse data. If you copy financial reports from the internet it will be obvious and no marks will be awarded, even if correctly referenced. The purpose of the assignment is to develop your analytical skills which are not those of an investment advisor. A small amount of referenced information will be acceptable. Late Submission Penalty - “The standard penalty for late submission of assessment tasks is 5% of the marks for that task for each delay in submission of a day or partial day up to a maximum of five (5) working days after the due date.”

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