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Marketing Strategy Assignment: Create a marketing strategy as a completion of the situation analysis.

Assessment: Marketing Plan  

This assignment is to be done in two parts below. 

Part 1: Situation analysis

The situation analysis is designed to enable you to conduct an analysis of the uncontrollable environment and the industry sector that you are operating in, and give you an idea what type of factors may impact on your business.

You will explore your competitors and your possible target markets using a variety of sources from government departments such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Consultancy firms, reports, information from data bases accessed through UC Library to prepare your analysis. This is a skill that will be required in many jobs that you may have after graduation. The task will also provide you with generic skills in research, report writing, and critical analysis of data and information.

Your situation analysis needs to cover the following areas. 

1. Industry overview 

2. Factors of uncontrollable environment that impact on the industry 

3. Competitor analysis 

4. Target market 

5. SWOT analysis

Required length: 3 - 5 pages plus references (12 point typeface, single spaced). 

Part 2: Marketing strategy

This is the second part of the assessment which is based on your Situation Analysis. This part of the marketing plan focuses on the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion). 

Required length: 4 - 10 pages (12 point typeface, single spaced) plus references. Reference list is not included in the page count. If you go over the page limit, 10% per page penalty will apply.


Reference no: EM131339147

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1/3/2017 5:36:35 AM

This assignment have to be on 2 documents, also all the requirements are attached. I have to submit two documents per the following: First Document: Situation Analysis And Second Document: Marketing Strategy Assignment: Create a marketing strategy as a completion of the situation analysis that I submit, but as you see the assignment I have field in the situation analysis assignment. Also the unit outline is attached please review assignment 3 within the unit outline as my order assignment requirements could you please correct the situation analysis assignment and do the marketing strategy assignment please. I have also attached checklists and this situation analysis that i submitted earlier and I filed and I got another chance to resubmitted with the marketing strategy.

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