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A Long-distance provider charges the following rates for telephone calls:

Rate Category                                                         Rate per Minute

Daytime(6:00 a.m through 5:59 p.m)                          $0.07

Evening(6:00 p.m through 11:59 p.m)                         $0.12

Off-Peek(12:00 a.m through 5:59 a.m)                        $0.15

Create  an application that allows the user to select a rate category(from a set of radio buttons) and enter the number of minutes of the call, then displays the charges. Include a clear button that clears the input and calculated values. and an exit button that closes the window. Error checking: the minutes input by the user must be numeric, and that number must be greater than zero.

Use the following test data determine if the appliction is calculating properly:

Rate Category and Minute                                     Charge

Daytime, 20 minutes                                             $1.40

Evening, 20 minutes                                             $2.40

Off-peak, 20 minutes                                            $1.00

Create an ASP.NET version of the solution program. Create a hyperlink on the startup form that displays a second browser window containing details about the calling rates.

Reference no: EM131298576

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