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To create a simple web page you will need to use a text processor (Notepad) and HTML (hypertext markup language). Do NOT use Word which can create some problems by automatically formatting your work as a web page.

The tags (items enclosed in < >) from HTML create the special effects that are seen on web pages when using a browser like Internet Explorer.

Note: some tags require a starting and ending tag. For example: <h1>This is my home page </h1>

Also if multiple tags are used to format a single item, ending tags must be written in reverse order from the starting tags.


<h1><center> My First Home Page </center></h1>

tag1 tag2 endtag2 endtag1

After completing the steps in the tutorial, you should be able to:

1. Create a Home Page using HTML
2. Create headings
3. Place text and graphics in an HTML document
4. Use attributes such as font color with tags
5. Create links to other places or documents

Reference no: EM13757852

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