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The application with all the specifications should be developed based on a graphical user interface.

1. Implement proper exception handling mechanism for this application.

2. Display all data

a. Search specific data (depending of the user selection, your application should either display employee(s) that meet the criteria or display the text "No Employee Found").

b. Search by Last Name (search should be case insensitive)

c. Search by Job Title (search should be case insensitive)

d. Sort by Last Name. (A to Z only)

e. Sort by Job Title. (A to Z only)

f. Sort by Weekly Salary (this is the result of the call to calculateSalary method). (Z to A only)

3. For this program, your application should also be able to store employee data in a file and read the data from a file.

4. You should provide a file with your assignment with sample employee data that can be read and displayed by the application.

5. Your application should allow for adding new employee data to the file.

6. Follow good programming practices as per lecture instructions and the course textbook.


The text file:


Company Name: ----->   ABC Consulting

First Name: ------->   Mike

Last Name: -------->   Conner

Job Title: -------->   Sales

Hourly Rate: ------>   50.0

Hours Worked: ---->   50.0

Weekly Salary : ----->   2500.0




Company Name: ----->   ABC Consulting

First Name: ------->   John

Last Name: -------->   Kim

Job Title: -------->   marketing

Base Salary: ------>   122.0

Sales Amount: ----->   545.0

Commission %: ----->   44500.0%

Weekly Salary : ----->   242647.0




Company Name: ----->   ABC Consulting

First Name: ------->Nilson

Last Name: -------->   Tang

Job Title: -------->   doctor

Salary: ----------->   120000.0

Weekly Salary : ----->   2307.6923076923076


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