Create a form to register a user to an online store

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Create a form to register a user to an online store. Minimum Requirements:

1. First Name, Last Name, Address 1, City, State, Zip, Email are Required Fields. Address 2 is not required but should be on the form.

2. User must create a username and password. These are required and the password must not be shown in clear text. Password should include a way to confirm password.

3. The form should ask their Gender (Male, Female, Prefer not to Say), Age (18 - 100)

4. The browser should try to fill in as many known fields as it can.

5. The form should ask the user if they "Would like to receive email about special offers". You can change the wording.

6. Two other pieces of information you choose, however, they can't be collected using a Textbox.

7. Form should be nicely styled and options grouped/labeled appropriately.

8. If they user passes validation and submits, they should see a summary

Reference no: EM13781403

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