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One of your supervisees comes to you with an issue. He has been arguing with another supervisee regarding the full extent of client rights. After listening to the supervisee, you conclude that neither supervisee has a complete understanding of client rights. You decide to hold a brown bag lunch with your full group of supervisees so that you can give them a refresher on client rights.

You decide that the best way to give them information that they can understand and retain is to create an FAQ handout so that they can have a document to take away and post in their work area to have handy. It also can serve as a document that can be shared with clients in a one-on-one setting.

Create a document titled "Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Client Rights. The document should provide the following at a minimum:

A list of client rights, and which 3 you think are most important and why?

An explanation of the process should a client need to file a complaint for an alleged violation of his or her rights.

A description of sources where a client can find detailed information regarding his or her rights (Web sites, organizations, etc. that can inform a client of his rights)

400 to 500 words

APA format with in text citation

Reference no: EM131318507

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