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Object-Oriented Programming

Throughout this course, you will be learning about object-oriented programming and demonstrating what you learn by writing some programs in Java. The first step will be to install and integrated development environment (IDE) that will be where you will write and compile your programs. You will also write your first program using Java to show that you have correctly installed the IDE.
The project instructions and deliverables are as follows:

• Download and install Java JDK and NetBeans IDE using the default installation options.

• Run the IDE, and take a screenshot.

• Create a console program that prompts the user to enter the name and address of their employer and position they hold or the name and address of their favorite restaurant and their favorite meal.

• Display this information on the screen, each on a separate line.

• Run your modified program and take a screenshot of the results.

• Create a document in Word, and add the following:

o Title page which includes: CourseNumber, CourseSection, CourseName, ProjectName (Unit 1 IP), StudentName and Date.
o Screen shots showing the IDE running.
o Screen shot showing the program's output.

• Create a zip that includes your project folder and Word document, and upload it to the course portal.

Reference no: EM13873602

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