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Design a Database

Design a database using the following information. Using Microsoft Visio 2013, create a complete E-R Diagram in Crow's Foot notation (including entity names, attributes, primary keys and foreign keys) that can be implemented, and then implement it in Microsoft Access. Your completed assignment will have two files submitted: the Crow's Foot ER diagram and the Microsoft Access database file (an .accdb file).

My Closet is a small online company that sells dresses. All customer orders to My Closet are ordered from the dressmaker at the time of sale.

• My Closet can order dresses from multiple dressmakers.
• Every dressmaker produces one or more different styles of dresses.
• Every style is produced by only one dressmaker.
• Every style has one or more colors of dresses.
• Every dress color made is belongs to only one style.
• Every dressmaker is identified by a dressmaker code. The dressmaker name, address, email, phone number, and account number are kept for every dressmaker.
• Every dress style is identified by a style code. The style name and price are kept for every style.
• Every color is identified by a color code. The color name and the available sizes for that color are kept for every color.

Reference no: EM131119330

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To help customers locate the newest releases, add the date that the movie was first available. - Add the director's name. -  Add a customer rating of one, two, three, or four

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