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If you don't know anything about cpt coding then this isn't the assignment for you i need someone that knows about cpt coding and has a coding manual not from 15/16 year because the codes might be different. I do have the answer choices but i felt like if i posted them along with questions it would of threw people off.

1.SPECT imaging of liver to assess vascular flow. Report code

2.Transvaginal ultrasound of a 30-year-old female who is not pregnant. Report code(s)

3.Ms. Gomez presents to the emergency department (ED) of her local hospital, complaining of body aches, fever, and headache. The ED physician performs a spinal puncture to rule out meningitis. Report code

4.Application of seven interstitial ribbons in the patient's abdominal cavity. Report code

5.Complete autopsy of a 35-year-old man found dead in his car in the parking lot of a convenience store. Report code

6.A 55-year-old female presents to the same-day surgical unit for a sigmoidoscopy. The physician inserts a flexible scope into the patient's rectum and determines that the rectum is clear of any polyps. The scope is advanced to the sigmoid colon, and a total of three polyps are found. Using the snare technique, the polyps are removed. The flexible scope is withdrawn. Report code

7.What does a roentgen identify?

8.Pathology examination of tissue removed during a pancreas biopsy. Report code

9.Liza Mills was diagnosed at birth with atresia of her tricuspid valve. Liza is now 3 years old, and today she underwent tricuspid valve repair, which involved closure of the atrial septal defect and anastomosis of the vena cava to the pulmonary artery. Report code

10.Two simple repairs of the scalp are done; one laceration was 10 cm, and the other laceration was 5 cm. Report code

11.A patient sustained a fracture of his left ankle four weeks ago. The short-leg cast that was applied at that time has broken down, and during this encounter, the physician removed the old cast and applied a replacement cast for the remaining three weeks of healing time. Report code(s

12.KOH slide examination of hair sample for presence of scabies. Report code

13.Patient undergoes a lipid panel. Because of an abnormally high triglyceride level, a repeat triglyceride is done as an individual test. Report code(s)

14.Mr. Chung underwent open reduction with internal fixation of shaft fracture of the right tibia on June 20. Late during that same evening, the patient's wound site became inflamed and showed signs of infection. Upon his return to the operating room, the site was reopened, a severe reaction to the metal was noted, and the metal rod was removed. The patient did not have the internal fixation device replaced, but a cast was applied to the leg. Report code(s)

15.Select the modifier for "unrelated procedure

16.A child has a small metal toy lodged in her right ear. After multiple unsuccessful attempts are made to remove the object, the patient is taken to the ambulatory unit for removal. After discussion with the patient's parents, an informed consent is signed. The patient undergoes removal of the object, which is performed in the operating room after administration of general anesthesia. Report code

17.Nick Miller had blood testing done to determine peroxidase activity, qualitative, feces. This was of a specimen obtained from a digital rectal exam (DRE). Report code

18.Insulin-induced C-peptide suppression panel. Report code(s)

19.A 25-year-old patient presents to have a repair of her recurrent ventral hernia. The hernia is located in the lower left abdominal quadrant. The physician repairs the hernia using Prolex mesh. Report code(s)

20.A 60-year-old patient was admitted with bullous emphysematous nodules. Patient underwent surgical thoracoscopy surgical with resection-plication of the left lung for lung volume reduction (LVRS). Report code(s)

21.Direct laryngoscopy for the removal of a fish bone stuck in the patient's throat. The physician used an operating microscope during this procedure. Report code(s)

22.Adjacent tissue transfer (1 sq cm) of skin defect of the chin, which was the result of an excision of benign skin lesion (1 cm) of the chin (performed during the same operative procedure). Report code(s) _____.

23.Chest x-ray, frontal, lateral, and oblique views. Report code(s)

24.Culture of nail for presence of fungi. Report code _____

25.Blood testing for presence of Chlamydia immunoglobulins. Report code

26.A 20-year-old male underwent arthroscopic knee meniscectomy, medial, right, including meniscal shaving. Report code(s)

27.Analysis of semen for presence and motility. Report code

28.Repair of truncus arteriosus, 5-day-old male infant. Report code

29.Max Wilcox underwent a thoracotomy to implant a patient-activated cardiac event recorder. Report code(s)

30.Ligation and stripping of bilateral short saphenous veins and ligation of long saphenous veins from the saphenofemoral junction to the knee of the left leg. Report code(s)

31.Appendectomy using laparoscope. Report code

32.A patient diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy undergoes laparoscopic treatment of this condition that also requires removal of the fallopian tube. Report code

33.Complete removal of thyroid gland with radical dissection due to thyroid cancer. Report code

34.A patient diagnosed with chronic pericarditis presents for complete removal of the pericardium, which is performed under cardiopulmonary bypass. Report code

35.Bilateral screening mammography due to family history of breast cancer. Report code

36.Liza Moore had normal antepartum care, vaginal delivery, episiotomy, and normal postpartum care, all provided by Dr. Thomas. Report code(s)

37.Bilateral mastectomy for gynecomastia. Report code

38.Photocoagulation destruction of corneal lesion, right eye. Report code

39.Direct laryngoscopy of a newborn male weighing 3500 grams with tracheoscopy performed to aspirate fluid. Report code

40.Repair of acute diaphragmatic hernia in a 25-year-old patient who was injured during a motor vehicle crash (MVC). Report code

41.A patient diagnosed with meningioma undergoes craniectomy to remove the tumor. Report code

42.Arthrodesis of two interphalangeal joints. Report code(s)

43.A patient undergoes platelet apheresis and is discharged after the platelets are retransfused. Report code

44.Patient had 16 skin tags removed from the upper chest and neck area. Report code(s)

45.Mr. Bonaparte underwent bronchoscopy with transbronchial biopsy of the lung. Report code(s)

46.Bilateral examination of TMJ. Report code

47.Left tympanostomy with insertion of a ventilating tube, under local anesthesia. Report code

48.Kevin James is admitted to the same-day surgical unit. Kevin was diagnosed with cholelithiasis with cholecystitis and undergoes laparoscopic removal of his gallbladder for these conditions. Report code

49.ABO blood typing of whole blood unit that will be transfused. Report code

Reference no: EM13847595

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