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The manager for the Clearwater Traders wants to collect the following data for each order placed by a customer: customer's name and address, item ordered, quantity of each item, item's size or color if applicable and the retail price of each item.

a. Create an entity-relationship model representing the data that the manager wants to store in the database, based on the following assumptions.

-Each customer can place multiple orders.
-Each order can only belong to a single customer.
-Different items can be ordered on the same order.
-Each item on an order can have a different size and or color, and some items may not have a size or color.

b. Based on the data elements the Clearwater Traders' manager wants you to include in the database, assign an appropriate field name to each of the data elements. Make certain the name of each field is descriptive so it will be easily recognizable in the final version of the database.

c. Take the named data elements from the previous step and convert the data to first normal form

d. Convert the first normal form of the data element to second normal form. Use the shorthand method to specify which elements belong to each entity and underline the primary key for each element.

e. Convert each of the previously identified entities to third normal form. Make certain that the necessary foreign keys have been added to the final tables to support the relationship shown on your initial ER model.

Reference no: EM13949818

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