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1) Using your knowledge of Premiere Products, determine the functional dependencies that exist in the following table. After determining the functional dependencies, convert this table to an equivalent collection of tables that are in third normal form.


Reference no: EM1355331

Explain the three factors that influence the cost of a query

Discuss the reasons for converting SQL queries into relational algebra queries before optimization is done.  Explain the three factors that influence the cost of a query

Describe the purpose of the database

Suppose a local college has tasked you to develop a database that will keep track of students and the courses that they have taken. In addition to tracking the students and

Assume that you would like mary to be able to verify that

Assume that you would like Mary to be able to verify that all your email mes- ages are really sent from you. How can you authenticateyour messages without encrypting the actua

Create a data dictionary

Construct a query that will show the number of days that exist between the first invoice and last invoice, for each month, for each employee, using the DATEDIFF function. Be

Design an relational model

Choose 2 enterprises(businesses, corporations, companies, institutions) from one or more economic, organizational, institutional or industrial sector of interest to you. See

Sql statements that return a subset of columns

Design and develop the below queries using professional principles and standards: Two SQL Statements that return a subset of columns and a subset of rows using the WHERE claus

Quality control consists of testing and defect management

The current environment consists of Development (sized at about 30% of production), Disaster Recover /Operational Recovery servers, and Production servers. The business area

Effectiveness of classic models and recently evolved models

Compare and contrast the effectiveness of classic models and recently evolved models such as Big Data and NoSQL. Give your opinion on which type of model is more effective and


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