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Utilization management is the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of healthcare products in a cost-effective manner while maintaining quality of patient care and contributing to the organization's goals. (Spath, 2018). However, with bundled payments, healthcare homes, and on-going payment options, resource utilization is imperative to maximize the health and well-being of a defined population. Vaccinations are the number one defense (and in the case of small pox, the only defense) against preventable disease - yet there are thousands of “parents against vaccination” sites on the internet.

You belong to an Infection Prevention website that encourages blogs from non-healthcare professionals. This blog appeared in this week’s update.

As a healthcare professional, respond to this blog post with:

evidence-based information gained from reliable internet websites like the CDC.

proper APA refences and citations.

Anti-Vaccination Blog Post

Pharmaceutical companies are conspiracies supported by the government to develop vaccines to test the effect of chemicals and toxins on our children – just to make money. Number one, a child’s immune system is far too immature to handle those compounds and besides, natural immunity is far better and longer-lasting. Second, I know childhood immunizations lead to autism because my cousin’s baby developed it right after his two-year shots. I’ve heard all kinds of examples of the vaccination hurting people from broken off needles to severe allergic reactions…and many getting the flu from the shot. Not for me! Besides, it is my right to say what goes into my body as well as my child’s, especially something that’s ineffective and not based on any evidence and does more harm than good. After all, most those diseases, like polio and small pox, have been eliminated so why should I take the risk? On the internet they talk about herd-immunity, what the heck is that? Besides, if all the other kids in school are vaccinated, then my child should be ok without going through the trauma of getting a shot. My family travels a lot and we haven’t gotten ill; I read somewhere that exposure enhances the immune system. It’s all a big hype and I resent people judging me for my decision not to vaccinate my children.

Reference no: EM132280053

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