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Set aside two hours, after dark (!) on a clear night, that you can continuously observe the sky. Notice the sky, what is there and where it is located. Be sure to observe objects in different parts of the sky. Notice whether there are changes over the two hour time period. If so, what changes and how? Does it depend on where the object is located? Do things appear or disappear? What are they and what happens to them? Use landmarks, directions and a way to indicate height in the sky (be very clear, e.g. "low in the northwest" or "halfway up from the horizon in the SSE") or the hand and fist method for estimating altitude and azimuth from class. You may identify particular stars or constellations if you wish, but this is not required for this assignment. Write a 1-2 page paper (300-600 words) on your observations and what you have learned from them. 

Reference no: EM13754602

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