Continental europe maybe germany.what industry should they

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Mobile Square (text-message campaigning) is a customer-relationship-management platform. They service via text messages specific demographics, making donations by clicking on Web links. Started in 2007, in 2008, the Obama campaign embraced social media to get out the vote. In 2010, the Tories in the UK did so as well. Supporter’s text a keyword to 62367, they receive an automatic reply prompting them to send their email addresses, Zip/Postal codes, or other personal information, which is stored in a database. Mobile Square has 250 clients, including American Express for example. Mobile Square wants to expand to Continental Europe maybe Germany.What industry should they seek to enter?

Reference no: EM13306153

When income is equal to consumption savings is

Which of the following properly describe the Aggregate Supply (AS) Curve in the Keynesian view? a) the AS curve is almost nearly vertical representing a full employment of the

What is the marginal rate of transformation impact

What is the Marginal Rate of Transformation impact? What is the labor-abundant country? What is the capital-abundant country? What would be the production possibility frontier

Origins of vernacular language

Until the 25-century, Latin was the language used between the educated and within literature. Research and report on origins of vernacular language, and its spread.

Calculate the quantity of us demand

One type of toy bears is in China and exported to the United State A toy bear sells for sixteen Yen in China. The exchange rate of Chinese yen and US dollars is $1 = 8 Yen.

What have been some of consequences of government price

explain using a numerical example, how the lawof diminishing returns operates. how does the law of diminishing returns explain the behavior of total cost, total variable cos

Explain why do japanese people want to sell yen

Assume two countries: the U.S. and Japan. Show, using demand and supply, how the $/¥ exchange rate is determined. Why do Japanese people want to sell Yen Why do Americans wa

Why does not the us devalue its currency aggressively

Why doesn't the US devalue its currency aggressively? Which of the following is not a benefit of devaluing currency? Why are politicians more concerned than economists when it

Trade leads specialization and mutual interdependence

Discuss any three examples of events occurring in one country and having a significant impact in nations that are its trading partners. You are also restricted to events tha


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